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Using Terminal

v 1.0
31 jan 2004

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This help file is for those who are unfamiliar with Terminal as it is referenced in the Replay-to-DVD help file.

The first thing you should do is to correct the permissions on the binaries!


  1. Launch terminal. If you are unable to locate the terminal application, launch Mac Help [apple+?]
  2. Type "terminal" in the search box and then press return:
    search help
  3. Pick "dragging and dropping" and press return:
    help results
  4. Select Open Terminal For Me from the resulting help screen. Keep this screen open!
    help results
  5. You should see a window that looks something like this:
    terminal window
  6. Change directories to the directory where you put the binaries. Follow the instructions in the help screen (either on your machine or from the screenshot above) to find the path to your binaries.
    > cd <path to the correct directory>
  7. Correct permissions (you can just copy and paste these commands):
    > chmod a+x evtdump rtvedit rtvconvert
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