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Pony Express 2000

July 15, 2000

Day Fifteen : FR19 – Part 2

Ash joins us on the ride back. I’m still feeling in the groove, and am keeping up with Gooz. “He must be riding slower than he was on the way out,” I think. (he later confirms that he was riding hard, but not as hard as on the way out)

I touch my right toe down – must have been a quick rear brake action before entering the turn because I’m doing much better at keeping my feet back on the pegs. Then I scrape the right peg on a tight posted 15 mph right hander (and yes, my new tire shows that I still prefer to turn right, even after track day). I think I’ll take paul’s advice and start figuring out how to shift my weight better. I’m doing a better job of pointing my chin and dropping my shoulder.

After about 40 miles, it’s clear Gooz is setting a slower pace than on the way out. The zebra shadows are making it hard to read turns. Eventually, we take a 5 minute breather – we’re pretty close to Oakridge anyway. Close enough that I’m willing to slow down A Lot. Don’t want any HPDA today. Stop in town for gas — then head on. Ash is in a hurry and leaves the three of us behind. Mistake. ;-)

The Valentine1 does work. Shortly before the construction section where we find Ash in deep conversation with a OSP representative, it goes “beep” … I back off a couple of mph. Then BEEPPPPP. (the sound effects I’m guessing based on the visual display). I back off to indicated 60. I *know* that’s below any speed limit around. When we pull up to the construction stop, Gooz asks if I’m all right. “My V1 went off – twice,” I said. “I slowed down.” About this time, the flagger is telling Steve about Ash – Steve tells Gooz – Gooz tells me. Then we’re released – and we see him as we pass.

I’m still on a high when we get back. I’m seriously in a “the more I ride the more I want to ride” state. I don’t know what this means – but I have to return to the “real” world soon. Or figure out how to get paid to do this.

Martin test rides the M900 – and returns with a grin on his face that is indescribable. He gives me a heart attack as he raises the sidestand before mounting – so fast that I don’t have time to say, “but there’s a rack on the back – be careful” – gulp! He apologies. No problem, he just caught me by surprise.

I had asked Gooz about “lunch” when we stopped in Oakridge – “It’s after 3 and dinner will be served soon” he said. Hmm. I shower – then start on chips (ack – not even on my diet) and G-R. What am I thinking? (I’m not thinking – the plan was No Booze saturday night.) Gooz is sharing – good, this means I won’t drink more than a 1/4 of the bottle. (I hadn’t counted on Wolvie’s bottle.)

I sit down to talk to Paul about Beth’s Favorite Road ™ and someone puts chicken down in front of us! Cool – there are 4-5 of us at this table – the only table with people – and we get served first! But, being polite, we wait a while before digging in. Ymmmm. it’s hard to barbeque chicken and not dry it out – these folks do Very Good. I scarf ribs from another table for our table … but the chicken is my favorite.

Head over to the main campfire for music by EC et al. Get into a long chat with Noemi and Lisa … and miss EC’s rendition of Summertime (my request). So, after I rejoin the musicians, she humors me and plays it again. Thanks, roomie! ;-)

By now, I’m drinking water like I’m in a desert – trying to counter the effects of all the brandy. I don’t want to have a hangover on the ride home – and I’ve tempted fate two nights running. Wander back to the main camp area for the rev-off. Tony is a hoot – I can tell he’s been in the Sheep Dip, and I think his head will talk to him Sunday morning.

There’s disagreement as to who “wins” the rev-off, but I’m with Tony in voting for the H-D.

Back to the tents and the snoring in stereo. Ibuprophen with H2O this time. It’s been a great day.



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