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Pony Express 2000

July 14, 2000

Day Fourteen : The Gather

It’s Friday, I’ve been gone two weeks, and I got almost no sleep last night. But I feel great – a testament to the company, I’m sure. ;-)

Check in with Rick regarding dinner crew duties and he delegates me ‘steak griller’ — which means I don’t have to make the early afternoon meeting for assignments. Sit around and socialize and drink Martin’s coffee. Wander over to the resort for lunch with Ed et al … then come back and crash in the sun outside my tent site. Wake up sweating and decide napping inside the tent, in the shade and breeze, makes more sense.

Rick has said, “be back by 5″ — so about 4:45 I start wandering up the hill. Discover Rob Scott is my cooking assistant – well, he’s doing double duty as grill assistant – he’s to stand in the middle and help with both steak and salmon.

We fire up the grill — experiment with burners — Poof! — out she goes. Time to change the LP gas. Erston provides the crescent wrench to take one off and put the other one on, and Rhonda agrees to chauffeur Erston do the “fill up” of the empty tank. I’m nervous that the salmon grill will need gas – but later realize that the smaller grill was used for breakfast and lunch. So it’s had longer duty.

In the middle of prep – Gooz arrives and I briefly abandon Rob to join the welcoming committee. What a pleasant surprise!

Then it’s cooking — Chris does duty as the “opener of new packages” – Rob helps turn – I season, turn, time, test. We get this down to something that’s assembly line like — then Rick throws a monkey wrench in the works with the need to grill mushroom burgers. We figure out an accommodation – and eventually have Jack (har-har) manning the veggie burgers. ;-)

There are only a couple “custom” orders – one request for a steak that’s still mooing – and one for a little additional cook time. Rick’s “fork thermometer” and my watch combine to help us (I think) cook pretty consistent steaks.

I take special orders from the remaining bit of the dinner crew – and then Chris, Rob and I sit down to eat. I pull the Moet & Chandon out of Erston’s truck and begin “celebration” … this is a fine close to a wonderful two weeks.

JC comes round to tell me that MarkM has the non-digital pix from track day. So I now wander around, inflicting my track day pictures on innocent wet-leatherites. Hey – I can use the champagne as an excuse. ;-)


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