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August 7, 2011

Removing Honda Transalp Rear Wheel


I’ve not ridden all year due to health issues. Mike borrowed the Transalp and picked up a nail. Oops! And we’re going to northern California in about 10 days.

The Avon Gripsters have lots of tread, so no need to replace the rubber. We just needed to pull the rear tire so we can take it in to get the tube changed. I’d never done this before. On any bike!

How to remove the rear tire on an 1990 Honda Transalp

(1) Put the bike on a stand

(2) Mark the position of the chain adjuster so you can return the axel to its original position. (Tip from Tom Dietrich, Harley mechanic extraordinaire!)

(3) Loosen the chain adjuster (12mm), brake adjusting rod (wingnut) and brake rod (11mm).

(4) Remove the motorcycle axel nut. Tap the axel lightly with a rubber mallet if the axle doesn’t move easily.

(5) Once the axel sticks out the left side, brace the tire with your foot and then pull/wiggle the axel the rest of the way. With the axel removed, the wheel will “sink” to the ground, held in place by brake and chain.

(6) Slide/push the wheel forward to remove the chain and brake. I removed the chain first (rotate it to the left, it can rest on the swing arm), then the brake slid out easily.

(7) Remove the wheel. Be sure to catch any spacers that fall out.

More on removing rear tires at:

To put the wheel back on:

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