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January 7, 2011

Watching Kavanagh Q.C. On Netflix

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I love John Thaw. Mike loves John Thaw. We fell in love with this accomplished British actor in the BBC series Inspector Morse (1987-2000), and we watched the series, sequentially, thanks to Netflix.

We wanted more, and discovered Kavanah Q.C., where Thaw plays barrister James Kavanagh. As with most BBC drama, each episode is punctuated with stories from Thaw’s life (wife and two children, who become adults during the course of the series) as well as the lives of his fellow barristers (particularly Jeremy).

Organizing our viewing of “Inspector Morse” was straightforward because each disk was numbered. Not the case for Kavanagh Q.C. (1995-2001), where John Thaw plays a barrister. For anyone else who wants to watch these in order on Netflix, here’s the mapping. Note that two sets are not available on Netflix.

Season Episode Netflix DVD
1 1. Nothing But the Truth Nothing But The Truth
2. Heartland Nothing But The Truth
3. A Family Affair Nothing But The Truth
4. The Sweetest Thing Nothing But The Truth
2 1. True Commitment True Commitment
2. Men of Substance True Commitment
3. The Burning Deck True Commitment
4. A Sense of Loss A Sense of Loss
5. A Stranger in the Family A Sense of Loss
6. Job Satisfaction A Sense of Loss
3 1. Mute of Malice Mute of Malice
2. Blood Money Mute of Malice
3. Ancient History Mute of Malice
4. Diplomatic Baggage Diplomatic Baggage
5. The Ties That Bind Diplomatic Baggage
6. In God We Trust Diplomatic Baggage
4 1. Memento Mori Momento Mori (not available)
2. Care in the Community Momento Mori (not available)
3. Briefs Trooping Gaily Momento Mori (not available)
4. Bearing Witness Bearing Witness
5. Innocency of Life Bearing Witness
6. Dead Reckoning Bearing Witness
5 1. Previous Convictions Previous Convictions
2. The More Loving One Previous Convictions
3. Time of Need Previous Convictions
4. End Game Previous Convictions
6 1. The End of Law Not Available

Review episode synopses on IMDB.

If you like John Thaw, you might also like the BBC seriesĀ A Year in Provence, although it was not a well-received as Morse and Kavanagh.

  1. Just a small point: neither Inspector Morse nor Kavanagh QC were produced by the BBC. They were produced for ITV, Britain’s main commercial network, by the regional franchises Central & Carlton. Enjoy your viewing!

    Comment by Tangent — January 17, 2011 @ 8:02 am

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