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December 15, 2010

Variation On "Nigerian" Scam: Angel Investor Phishing

This arrived in my work email today. I don’t see a lot of spam or phishing email — Google does a good job of shuffling it off into a dark folder — but the Angel investor line in this one caught my eye. (Heh – I read it as “Apple” on first glance.) Helpful note to spammers: check your capitalization (and punctuation) if you are impersonating people who would be writing formally.


I am Mr. Wilton Hector and I am financial helper/ Loan lender as well as an Angel investor. I deliver funds on demand and I give funds out to make profits.

Do you have a business plan and needs finance to start it up? Are you in need of funds to invest on a particular business transaction? Do you need fund to increase the standard of you business? If yes then i can be of help to you.

I am a United States citizen but presently based in Asia due to my business interest in Asia.

I am a certified loan agency with legal documents and i give funds with interest rate of just 3% per annual and this is to make sure I get the best minimum profit and as well to see that I am able to get to the best need of the person getting the Loan.

Unlike direct bank contacts who demand much or too expensive.

If you are in need of funding/loans, get back to me via my email so i can send you more details about our procedures and we start from there.


Mr. Wilton Hector

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