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March 6, 2010

A Glimpse of Heart, I

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Friday night, Mike and I trekked to Experience Music Project (EMP) to see Heart in a small venue. (The security guy I stood next to before the concert started told me there were “about 600″ people.) The occasion? Heart (Ann and Nancy Wilson) is releasing a new CD (Red Velvet Car) this summer, and they¬†filmed this concert for a DVD.

This new album features, among others, Alison Kraus. She sang one song (with Ann singing backup vocals) and played violin, along with Red Velvet Car record producer Ben Mink (who also played acoustic guitar). On “Alone,” Ann showed that she still has incredible range, even though she will be 60 this year. This clip is from a 2003 Seattle concert at, I think, the Paramount Theatre:

One song on the new CD that I’m really looking forward to is “Hey, You” by Nancy (the rare song where she sings lead). Looking forward to the new album; it will be interesting to hear a “mixed” product and actually hear the vocals clearly. Although I was next to the stage, I was also next to massive speakers that boomed bass; I could feel the air move when I stood next to them.

The crowd was older, mostly polite, mostly female. I stood behind a really tall (6’6″ish) guy before the concert began, but moved in front of him once the music started. He let us short women move in front as the crowd surged a little. I was at stage left on the edge of the camera path. So there was no one directly in front of me unless the camera guy was filming close-ups of Craig Bartock.

I forgot my ear plugs (Mike remembered his), so I was really glad to move in front of the giant bass speakers which moved so much air that you could feel it. Afterwards, I was surprised that my ears recovered pretty fast …. but my throat, well, it was scratchy from singing really loud!

It was a great concert! We were happy we sold the Jeff Foxworthy tickets. :-)

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