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September 15, 2009

California Dreaming

(Also Take Two.)

We’re headed to California for the second 140TC (Twitter Conference) in Los Angeles. I used this as an excuse to play with Google Maps API: I have two maps with possible sites, restaurants. One is “north” of the Bay Area and the other is “south” of the Bay Area.

The first post was pithier and was better SEO’ed with names of establishments. I don’t have time to try to recreate all that now!


Hello world!

It took me two (or more) years, but I finally got WordPress installed on Got it customized and ready for trip reports. Sent my link out to the world (WetLeather and Twitter). Then this morning, a friend wrote me: there’s nothing there! The site database was “reset” to default.

HostGator swears it wasn’t them; it must have been someone doing something malicious. If it were only the blog, I might agree. But it’s also the index page, for example, which was rolled back to Saturday’s version. (Yet it had been modified Monday night.) Odd.