The Perfect Vehicle - * Credit Melissa Holbrook Pierson

It Is the Perfect Vehicle

R65 parked with Mt. St. Helens in background

In the spring of 1998, I woke up one morning and realized that everywhere I looked, I saw motorcycles.

I was reminded of a time in graduate school, when Ralph Semprevio (the beau of the time) and I had restored a BMW R69S. I remembered driving from Blacksburg, VA up to Winchester (~230 miles, one way) on the hopes that the bike would be as advertised in the Sunday Washington Post (and wondering a bit about Ralph's sanity in the process).

Thus began the odyssey which is recorded in these pages. Summer of '98, I wasn't sure if the desire for a motorcycle was a fad or fancy. I certainly had no idea that I would turn into a daily commuter. Or ride 11K miles my first year.

But I get ahead of myself ... on to The Decision ...

The Perfect Vehicle: 1st Year:

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