The Perfect Vehicle -

1st Year: The Decision

1981 R65

Kathy and R65, Lake Washington Technical College
August 1998

After figuring out that just maybe my subconscious wanted a motorcycle, I called Ralph to ask him about BMWs. The conversation went something like this:

  • Ralph, I’ve decided I want to buy a motorcycle. What kind of BMW should I buy?
  • Kathy, BMW’s are too tall for you. Go buy a cheap Japanese throw-away bike for the year.
  • Ralph, I want to buy a BMW. What kind of BMW should I be looking for? What about a /5?
  • NO you don’t want a /5! They’re too tall and you’ll spend all your time working on it.
  • OK, what then?
  • Well, check your dealer. They have a new bike targeted towards women, the F650. It even comes with a lowering kit. But it’s a single.

So I gathered my courage and called Cascade BMW (alas, no longer) in Redmond, WA. Got directions and hours of operation. Got there about 30 minutes before closing time on a Thursday, I think. The sales guy was no where to be found … but I instantly got on with the mechanics, who were outside taking a smoke break.

The guy who was to become my favorite mechanic (and friend), Will Anderson, showed me around the showroom and tried to dissuade me from the F650. He’s a true airhead lover.

Eventually I would also visit RideWest, the Seattle dealer. Howard, like Ralph, spoke eloquently of the F650. However, I wasn’t prepared to spend $8K on something that could very well just be a passing fancy. Besides, I wanted a Boxer . . .

The Perfect Vehicle: 1st Year

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