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1st Year: Finding the R65

R65 and Kathy

Kathy and R65, Resting From Parking Lot Exercises
August 1998

At some point in the process, I remembered that I do web work for a living and I started doing some online research. I discovered, among other things, the Internet BMW Riders and their great online marketplace. I also found Noemi Berry’s R65 FAQ. I think it was Noemi’s stories that made me decide “this is the bike for me.” Of course, I had yet to lay eyes on one. Much less sit on one. (Minor details)

Still, I was doing my research. Visted probably 2/3 of the motorcycle dealers in greater North/East Seattle. Yeah, I could “touch” with a cruiser-style Japanese bike …. I even sat on a Sportster (trade-in at Cascade) … but I had been imprinted with the look of the horizontal opposed twin. And it would not be shaken.

In doing my research, I ran across a guy on Whidbey Island who rode BMWs, Rob Scott (otherwise known as UNIXGuy). We corresponded by e-mail. And at the May Open House at Cascade BMW, he walked up and said, “Hello, Kathy!” I must have looked startled, because he chuckled and introduced himself. He’s the person who told me about WetLeather.

With the R69S, I’d spent most of my time riding pillion. I’d been “allowed” to ride the bike a few times; dropped it once (just to the cylinder head) doing slow figure-eights. Ooops! So I definitely wanted to take the Motorcycle Safety Course. Me and Everyone Else in Seattle; I couldn’t get into until fall, so I planned to “show up” early on Thursdays and pray for a cancellation.

Howard got an R65LS in at RideWest. Eeek. They call this Red? It’s Orange! And the bars are too far forward. OK, I’m still holding out for an R65.

“Are you sure you don’t want an F650,” Howard asks. “We’re practically giving them away with almost zero percent financing.” I waver . . .

The Perfect Vehicle: 1st Year

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