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March 2, 2010

Revisiting PE2000

About this time of year, 10 years ago, I started thinking about riding in a fundraiser for breast cancer called the Pony Express. I had been inspired the summer of 1998 when the PE ride came through Seattle. I don’t think I had yet bought my 1981 R65 BMW; I remember attending the event with Jim and Barb Horton.

Originally, I was only going to ride the first leg: Seattle to San Francisco. I’d only been riding about 18 months; I’d ridden from Seattle to northern California in August 1999, but my friend J.C. and I took three days to make the trip. With urging and support from WetLeather, I decided to ride to St. Joesph, MO. But I wanted to do most of the ride solo. (I’m still not a fan of large organized rides.) I rode about 6,000 miles in two weeks (and 1.25 back tires). (more…)


September 15, 2009

California Dreaming

(Also Take Two.)

We’re headed to California for the second 140TC (Twitter Conference) in Los Angeles. I used this as an excuse to play with Google Maps API: I have two maps with possible sites, restaurants. One is “north” of the Bay Area and the other is “south” of the Bay Area.

The first post was pithier and was better SEO’ed with names of establishments. I don’t have time to try to recreate all that now!