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Ford 150 : Timing Chain Cover / Harmonic Balancer

Removal and Installation of Timing Chain Cover and Seal and Harmonic Balancer (Vibration Damper / Crankshaft Damper) On 5.0 L 1992 Ford 4×4 Truck

BoxWrench has a great set of YouTube videos on removing and installing the vibration damper:


  1. Remove water pump and leave water pump attached to front cover.
    1. Drain coolant and crankcase.
    2. Loosen fan clutch attaching bolts.
    3. Remove fan shroud attaching bolts and position shroud over fan.
    4. Remove drive belt.
    5. Disconnect lower radiator hose, heater hose and bypass hose from water pump.
    6. Remove fan, spacer, pulley and fan shroud.
    7. Remove A/C compressor/power steering pump bracket and accessories to clear water pump stub bolt.
    8. Remove water pump attaching bolts and the water pump
  2. Remove crankshaft pulley and vibration damper.
    1. Remove crankshaft pulley from crankshaft damper.
    2. Remove damper attaching bolt and washer; remove damper with a puller.
  3. Disconnect fuel outlet line from fuel pump, then remove fuel pump attaching bolts and position pump aside.
  4. Remove timing case cover and water pump as an assembly..
    1. Remove timing cover-to-oil pan attaching bolts
    2. Cut the oil pan gasket flush with the cylinder block using a sharp, thin cutting blade.
    3. Trash the front cover gasket


Reverse procedure to install. Use RTV on oil pan gasket surfaces.

  1. Coat the gasket surface of the block and position new gasket.
  2. Position the timing cover on the block. Be careful not the damage or dislocate the gasket. You may have to force the cover downward slightly to compress the pan gasket.
  3. Coat the threads of the attaching screws with Ford Perfect Sealing Compound or equivalent and install. Tighten oil pan to front cover attaching screws and cover to cylinder block screws to 12-18 ft lobs (16-24 Mn).
  4. Apply Lubriplate or equivalent multi-purpose grease to the oil seal rubbing surface of the vibration damper inner hub to prevent damage to the seal.
  5. Coat the front of the crankshaft with engine oil for damper installation.
  6. To install damper, line up damper keyway with key on crankshaft. Then install damper on crankshaft using installer tool. Tighten capscrew and washer to 70-90 ft pounds (95-122 Nm).
  7. Install crankshaft pulley.
  8. Install fan, spacer, pulley, drive belts.
  9. Complete remaining installation steps for water pump.

Note: The bolt which fastens the harmonic balancer (vibration damper) to the crank shaft may be a Torque-to-Yield bolt, which is a one-time use fastener. Replacement recommended (pdf). Good thread on installing harmonic balancer.

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